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Planned Return to cadet training 

The following will need to be completed by you before we can restart you back at cadets term 4

1 - You will need to read the return to school information supplied by the school to the unit.

2 - You will need to return to the unit an electronic copy of the AC30 we will post outlining the measures the AAC &unit are taking to minimise the covid risk and acknowledging the voluntary return to cadets for your child.

3 - All those with HMPS (Health management plans) parents we need to have you review them and update if necessary anyone with a respiratory issue should confirm with their GP if they have any concerns about their child returning to cadets. Your HMP is on your cadet net account.


4 - Not attend cadet/school if sick with any of the known symptoms.

5 - As a parent/caregiver you must acknowledge that you can pick up a cadet who is ill or showing any symptoms immediately by returning to the unit/school and picking up your child without delay.

6 - You must ensure the current contact details in cadetnet are current and a back up contact if needed.

7 - If you or your child is currently uncomfortable with any of the covid precautions please feel free to contact me so we can go over these concerns.

8 - No physical contact training will commence until advised by Command AAC (first aid were a bandage may be applied during instruction lesson to another cadet) as an example

NSW DET Guidelines

NSW Government return to full time face to face learning guidelines

Leave Form

Your application for leave

Guidelines for Parents

NSW Government return to full time face to face learning guidelines for parents

AC30 Consent form

AC30 Return to cadets

Return email to:

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